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Tampon absorbency issues...?

ok so i have a question about tampon absorbency, specifically for the u by kotex sleek tampons. It is said that these tampons are made for one flow lighter (regular is light, super plus is super, etc.) so i have never had an issue with these tampons before. i use the regular ones. the first day of my period is always the heaviest. last night i noticed spotting in my panties and i knew that i would start my period today. this morning i inserted a tampon when i woke up (around 6:00 am) and i took it out a little after 1:00 in the afternoon. it was completely soaked and there was blood dripping off the string and some in my liner. I took out the tampon that i inserted at around 1:00 just after 8:00 pm. it was once again completely soaked with blood on the string and in my liner. i am wondering if i should buy a higher absorbency for my heavier days or change my tampon a little more often. thanks everyone :*

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    Change your tampon more often.

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    An excellent plus tampon is not THAT a lot higher than a normal (my mum makes use of super+ and i exploit typical) they are just a few millimetres wider in circumference. I'd endorse getting any brand which has a plastic applicator, not a cardboard one. Are trying not to suppose about it being larger cos otherwise you can get frightened and annoying up - making it more difficult to insert. Just calm down and take a look at to pretend like its the absorbency degree you have got used earlier than. Once you might have used it, you'll have an understanding of that there is nothing to worry about. My mother makes use of Tampax manufacturer, and they don't seem to be too large at all, so i would suggest that one. They even do a compak variant which looks rather a lot less daunting. Hope this helps

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    All tampons brands have the same absorbency ratings - this is an industry standard, it's one of the very few laws that tampon companies have to follow, everything else about their tampons is up to them.


    It's really unhygienic and unsafe to wear tampons for as long as you are, tampons need to be changed every 4-6 hours (some tampon companies say 8 hours maximum, as stated above tampons are self-regulated so they can say this despite health risks) - the longer you leave tampons the longer you give toxins to accumulate and bacteria to multiply, and remember they do so exponentially. The longer you leave tampons the higher the risk of vaginal infections and TSS, plus of course you risk leaking.

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    I would say change every 4 hours in the day - less chance of getting toxic shock syndrome plus less likely to leak. Can wear at night for up to 8 hours so ok for night time. I would recommend using super plus on the first day of your period and at night and then maybe super for the next day then regular as the flow gets a bit lighter. See links below. Hope this helps.

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    Gosh, on my heaviest days I changed mine every two hours. You need to use a heavier tampon and change it more often. I think you are expecting waaay to much from your tampons! HA!

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