Does the playing hard to get thing really work?

This guy is interested in me and hes loves flirting with other girls and is a player. He tells me hes really into me. But, I just dont know if hes being real or saying that to everyone. He asked fore my phone number. And he was getting really nervous and was looking down which surprised him. I end up telling him ill think about it. I really him but I dont like being played and I wonder is he really serious.

Should I keep having a cat mouse game? or give him my number?

How do I know hes being real with me? Can I test him in anyway?? Help me :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you do end up having a relationship with him, the amount of stress, worry, fear, anxiety and pain he'll put you through might not be worth it. When he says I'm staying round a friend of mine tonight then it's natural to get suspicious. When he compliments u or says a certain smooth line that makes you blush, how can you tell he has used this line many times before and knows it gets a womans tones on fire?

    The pain is not worth the pleasure

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