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Love Sucks .. What Should I Do?

I am tired of liking this guy . I mean its been five yrs. Liking him has made me depressed and sad. He doesn't like me back either , but I have some type of feeling we will be together later in life. That reason has kept me loyal to him and it sucks . He is living his life while I'm being dumb and continuing to like him .We are both freshman in high school . Yea, sounds to young to be in love , but i am . How do I get over him? How do I just move on? Help.. Thanks in Advance

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    Firstly; I'm sorry about your non-reciprocated love - but are you sure you know what love is? it's not just a crush - it's when you really know the person and would fall in love with him/her even if you didn't see his/her face. If he rejected you without being kind to you - regular courtesy isn't enough when you let a girl down - then he's not a good person and - despite what you feel - you can't love a bad person.

    Secondly; the reason why you're not getting over him is because you see him too much. Do you live on the same street? commute together? take classes together? sports together? and so on. The reason why your wound isn't healing is because you see him too often. If you avoid seeing him and his activity on social media sites like Facebook and such AND surround yourself with new guys/the guys you've known already but only them, not this guy, then you'll eventually develop a new crush and he'll be nothing but a memory.

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    not too young for love, anyway happened to me once and this may sound catchy but it really worked for me, i wrote a letter to him explaining why i loved him and then telling him i actually don't want to be with him and slept on it and then tore it up and since then i didn't really think of him, i think it works because you need to really write down the facts to see that your love doesn't stand a chance or something. the mind is a mysterious thing. just give it a try

    good luck

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    You've liked him since you were in 5th grade? Well, you have quiet a crush on him. Honestly, you will mature and naturally get over it. I wouldn't over think it or force yourself to feel differently. You feel this for a reason. But if its not meant to be, things will change. Don't be too hard on yourself. And trust me, don't listen to people who say "move on already". That is impossible sometimes. But at the same time I will say ts important to live for yourself as well. Don't dwell, but don't force yourself into anything.

    Good luck! Help me please;_ylt=Am3E7...

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