Does he have a thing for me or just wants to be good friends for now?

Ok so there's this guy in my English class and were both juniors in high school and I've known him for a good year now and I'm really starting to like him. He may like me too but it's hard to tell. Whenever he talks to me he always makes me laugh and smile a lot and I have him notice that. And when we text we always mess around with each other and talk in English when we get the chance because we sit on the other side of the room.

So on Wednesday he talked to me and said "hey Tay Tay!" And then after class he talked to me and asked how I am and I asked him back and we both made fun of this girl that ran by. But then yesterday and today he hasn't talked to me at all. Like nothing. I always catch him looking at me when he's with his group of friends when going to English class. But today after class he walked like behind me and didn't say a word. Like did I do something wrong? I really don't want to give up and lose this chance with him. Should I text him this weekend and ask if he wants to go to lunch next week or hang? Thank you! We have a lot in common as well

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    8 years ago
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    He could be a player. They tend to suck up to you for a short time, then ignore you so that you miss them, and you'll be desperate to do anything.

    Of course, you may not believe me because this may not be the information you wanted to hear. Just saying.

  • 8 years ago

    I sit next to this girl who i like in this one class and we talk a lot and it reminds me of your situation but i am not sure if she is interested in me. anyway I have a plan to figure out if she likes me by not talking to her to see if she likes talking to me because if she starts lots of conversations then that means she likes talking to me. Your friend might be doing the same thing waiting for you to start the conversation so he can figure out if you like him or not. If you do like him start the conversation or ask him why he has been so quite. also if you really like him make it look like you like him but don't make it too obvious if he likes you and if he thinks you like him he will ask you out. if this is confusing let me know and i will make it make more sense

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