What do u think?????plz answer?

Every tears that fall

Cause I great pain

shatters on the harden world

Evey drop cause a lost of faith

Then even a drip of blood

Cause I great drain

Which boils in the heat of battle

But each one show a lost soul

Life isn't life

Its hell

Some are lucky and live in heaven

But those that are not are in the breaking


A shadow follow

Living of The pain of others

As time passes the creature get stronger

The victim try to sit

And look around for something that isn't there

But slowly the victim realize it's too late

And the creature won

Everyday is a battle

But every year is a war

Always in combat

Never knowing who to trust

Trying to win

But always get smack down

Every step up cause a bone to shatter

Every breathe cause a drip of blood

Every tears cause a cut

But no sound can be heard between the two


But the warrior

In so much pain


Will he let the enemy win?

Allow to get kill by his enemy?

Is it the only way out the war?

He knows that he must return

Home,to families,to friends.

But the pain is unbearable

The light is the family

But the darkness is the world

And life is hell

Death is heaven

The only way out

Is where it all began

Where pain started

Where life began

Where the first breathe had been taken

But why can't the soldier go back

Why was he curse since the beginning of time

That every waking moment just kill

Always on defense

Always aggressive

Never trusting a living soul

Never eat or sleep

Always on watch

Never lift his eyes of the world

Observing like an owl

All trust had been gone in the soldier heart

What if life is worst then hell

And death is better then heaven...

(It's a poem, what can you tell about me from reading this, what do you think about this, I'm 15 if that helps)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Beautiful!! If you're passionate about poetry then keep it up!!

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