Write an equation for the inequality..?

3. Let y represent a number and x represent another

number. Use the sentence “A number is greater than

or equal to three times another number” to write an inequality.

my answer: x = 3y

4. Write an equation for the inequality.

This is the equation of the boundary line


what does that mean and what do i do

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    8 years ago
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    Remember, it has to be an inequality so an = sign will not work.

    If you are graphing the inequality:

    The line will be solid since it is ≥ and shade above the line.

    Just graph like a regular y=mx+b slope.

    So draw a point at (0,0) and then go up 3 and right 1, to (1,3) then go up 3 and right 1. Keep repeating this.

  • Mike G
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    8 years ago


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