Russian visa process for an American.?

I am planning a trip to St. Petersburg and Moscow in September of this year. I am looking for a tourist visa. If anyone is knowledgable, what are the best ways of getting the visa? And should I wait to buy my plane ticket? I'd love to book it today but I am worried about the visa as the requirements seem difficult. Did anyone ever hear of an American being rejected?

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  • Oirdne
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    8 years ago
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    and, please, tell me about at least one requirement?

    Income? Savings on your bank accounts? Ownership of property? Marriage status? At least few Shengen visas in your travel passport? Resume with the list of your publications if you work in engineering+education area? As I know there are no ANY requirements for tourists from USA except booked in advance hotel with paper from that hotel (so called "tourist voucher"), couple of photos and application. That is ALL.

    Unless you are involved in any anti-Russian activities (finance anti-government movements etc...) or was involved in jobs related with human rights violations (was manager in Guantanamo camp etc...) then you will not be rejected a visa. You should understand that visa to Russia is result of so called "symmetric approach" - since Russian citizens cannot travel USA without visa Americans citizens cannot travel free to Russia either. It is not about rejecting or allowing, just about kind of revenge in response to US visa policy. If you have passport of majority of South American countries, for example, then you need not any visas.

    So, you may buy tickets in advance, but anyway you can apply to visa no earlier than 1 month before your data of departure to Russia.

  • K2010
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    8 years ago

    QDid anyone ever hear of an American being rejected?

    A Yes, if you are one of these 18 US officials blacklisted

    as for the visa info, you should not rely on people, here there are plenty of info on line or by visiting near by Russian Consulate/Embassy

  • 8 years ago

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