Can someone make me an outfit?

I am looking for a new outfit since my birthday is coming up. If someone could find items for an outfit then link them to me that would be great.

My style:

-I mostly have Old Navy, Aeropostale and Gap clothing items.

-I love scarves

-I'm not a fan of graphic tees

-I guess you could say my style is preppy and girly.

-I am only 14 so nothing too revealing

Thanks. This is an easy 10 points guys!

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'm a guy so I don't have much experience in this area, but I can try and answer your question...

    You're a fan of 'preppy and girly' clothing, so I would suggest a dress. You can choose the colour, but I would suggest red or pink, as they are 'girly' and 'party' colours. The dress should be about knee length. For your shoes, I would suggest flat shoes (you can wear high heels if you want, but some people might get the impression that you're a 14 year old girl who thinks you're 18). As for scarves, if you do choose to wear a red or pink dress, I would personally choose a white scarf (with some grey colouring, maybe).

    But overall, it's your choice on what you want to wear - unless someone is REALLY judgmental, they won't judge you based on your clothing.

    Good luck, and happy birthday in advance!

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