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Did I have an eating disorder?

I'm in 8th grade now..but in 6th grade, I was underweight. I was 11 years old and weighed around 60 pounds. My 8 year old cousin weighed as much as me..maybe even more. Everytime I thought of food, I felt nauseous and didn't want it. I would eat, but barely. I thought I was skinny and I loved it. Every month, I had to go to the doctors so they could check my weight progress. The first 2 or 3 times I didn't gain anything. During that time, I was gaining 2 pounds a year.. Was it an eating disorder?

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    No not really, especially if you didn't restrain yourself from eating purposely so you could stay skinny. My sister had a phase just like you, it seemed as if she didn't really like food for about a year when she was 6, but as long as you eat regularly now and are a healthy weight, it wasn't an eating disorder. If it were you wouldn't have been able to just get over it without any help from a professional.

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    I'm sorry honey.yes! Idk how you got it but better stop it.your still growing.start dieting after 21.I developed an eating disorder when I was you know who suffered the most? My boyfriend.he had to deal with all my drama about Girl...if you want a happy life you gotta stop this.btw I'm married to my Bf now :)

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    Sounds like it.

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    No it happens to everyone

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    not really

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