What is somthing i can do this summer?

I get out of school soon and i have been planning on going to a camp until i found out that it was way out of my families budget... i am really disappointed but i don't wanna let that stop me from having a great summer.. i am in 11th grade.. i wanna go on a trip or do something adventurous.. nothing that involves sports tho i am on a travel soccer team so i am constantly in to sports. i am looking more for like a trip maybe something that doesn't cost that much. does anyone know how i could travel for free or really super cheap? any information will be greatly appreciated! i am sick of sitting around all the time. Thanks in advanced!! :)

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    If you're ever bored you can go on this one site and chat to some people, see what they would recommend.

    They usually have some good advice for newcomers.

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