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my dog is car sick...taking her on a trip with me.?

I have a dog that is about 3 pounds. I am taking a long trip and want to bring her along. The problem is that she gets car sick. I am worried about sedating her because of her weight. Is it safe to do that? what would be the easiest thing to help her survive the trip?

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    Make an appointment with your vet for the proper dosage of medication. When you are at home just take her to the car and don't go anywhere, just sit inside. Repeat a couple times a day. Next take short rides like around the block. Sometimes dogs get motion sickness or from being nervous about the ride. Put her in a crate that is covered on all sides but the front so she can't see too much out the window, helps with motion that might be bothering her. No loud radio also helps. Good Luck!

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    Put her in a nice boarding kennel or get used to the smell of vomit. And say goodbye to your cars nice interior.

    BTW - Sedating a 3 pound dog would most likely kill it, so don't take the chance.

    Also, don't self medicate as someone else suggested ( Dramamine ). You'll just most likely kill your dog. Go see your Vet before trusting a stranger on OTC mediation and dosage.

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    You could give a half tablet of non-drowsy Dramamine. Give it to her 1 hour before you get in the car. Repeat again in 4 to 6 hours depending on how she is doing and the length of the trip. My vet recommended this for my dogs.

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    See your vet! Mine has had the same problem they do have a special med for your puppy and on long trips skipping a meal can help.

    Source(s): My Vet
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    Don't give her anything without a vets advice unless you want to kill her. You should try to accustom her to being in the car.

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