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What are the earliest pregancy symptoms ? When should I test ?

Had unprotected sex two almost 3 weeks ago . What are the earliest signs of pregancy ? I'm tired all the time , very mood , I get these waves of nausea they come an go , but I never throw up .. My boobs feel fuller , I'm constipated . Peeing more , lower stomach cramps and alot more . Just curious of what early pregancy symptoms they have ?

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    I would say the sickness is common, but what you need to do is stop guessing and take a darn pregnancy test first and foremost.! Then problem solved. You can take a pregnancy test usually as early as 5 days after the sex has happened.

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    hahahahaha "symptom" x'D definition of symptom: A actual or psychological characteristic it extremely is regarded as indicating a situation of ailment an illustration of the existence of something, esp. of an undesirable difficulty. lol "undesirable difficulty."

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    Missing your period, tired all the time , nauseous, & sense of smell change

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