Traveler seeking help in regards to suicidal thoughts - can anyone lend a hand?

I am a student from the U.S., spending my university gap year in Iceland. It'd been a dream of mine to come here, and I feel absolutely honored and blessed to be able to be here.

That said, however, I've still been struggling a lot with depression and downright stubborn thoughts of suicide. This has been an ongoing issue for me for a long time, but it has definitely surfaced badly this year, and though it frustrates me to think of my dream being impaired by these thoughts, I recognize that they are serious, and they need addressing. I do not want to have my adoration for this place impaired for a deep-seated dislike of myself.

Currently, I'm feeling a little trapped every day, because during a bit of a crisis moment, I was looking for a suicide hotline to call in Iceland... and discovered there isn't really a hotline listed anywhere. I Googled, and dug about, with no results, and I don't really know what to do. Befrienders Worldwide was recommended to me by a friend, but they have exactly 0 listings for Iceland.

I am frightened of what I am capable of in these moments of panic, but I also know that just being able to talk about it really helps me. I want to be straightforward, and I'm coming to the Internet for help because I feel like I don't have a lot of options here.

TL;DR: Is there anyone, anywhere, who knows where I can find help for this in Iceland? Even if it's not in the form of a suicide hotline, any help would be appreciated.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Hi Radar,

    I can understand your concerns and have been trying to find some resource for you to contact in Iceland.

    There are two that may be able to help you there.

    One is phone number 1717 which I believe is the Iceland Red Cross. This is suppose to be a help line. If they are unable to assist you they should be able to refer you to an organization within Iceland that can assist.

    The other alternative is to call their equivalent to USA of 911 which is 112. Call them and see if they can refer you to a distress/help line.

    I am sure one of these phone numbers can be of assistance to you.

    Wish you luck and hope you find some place that can offer you some direction

  • 8 years ago

    I think you should seriously put your trip off and get help before travel.

    You are going to feel even more alone and isolated in another country.

    Don't ruin your trip by freaking out in a strange country.

    You don't know how they will treat you if you try something.You may find yourself in a physco ward and not get out anytime soon.

    I live in Budapest, am an American and the view from my flat is of the drunk/suicide ward in the hospital accross the street.

    I can see people strapped down naked in beds when the lights are on at night.

    Some have guards sitting next to them.

    There are bars on the windows and the ward is on the bottom floor in case anyone gets free and wants to jump.

    Better take care of business at home.

  • RWgirl
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    8 years ago

    I don't know how it works in Iceland, but you should have some form of healthcare. Try having a chat with a doc.

    Other than that, perhaps try just finding people to be with. Couchsurfing, Bewelcome, are all places to find people to chat with. Internet forums can also be good places to spend time.

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