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why did he say these things?

I know it shouldn't have happend but my ex who broke up wth me a year ago (who's been with other girls since but he has flirted with me when i ignore him) stayed over mine after a year of 'not wanting to sleep with me.' Anyway that aside when he was in my room he asked jokingly 'how many guys have you had in your bed? In these sheets?' he also took a photo of my school photo that i was embarassed about on his phone as a joke. when i got into bed also he moved me to the other side (not nastily) lol but he said you should know by now that the left side of the bed is mine.....I'm just thinking why did he ask these things and why should i remember what side of the bed is 'his'?

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    He left you for other girls and now he is telling you what side of YOUR bed you can sleep on? It seems he may 1) want to rekindle the relationship or 2) wants to sleep with you. I don't know about you, it is your decision, but I would drop this guy like a hot potato. He could very well start sleeping with you and then drop you again. Look for someone who will treat you with respect... I don't think he is the guy. Good Luck!

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