Why does thinking about men turn me on?

when I think of blowing a man or touching his junk, I get hard.

That's cool and great and all, but why is it in real life when I have tried that (several times, with a good looking and cool man), I didn't enjoy it?

I enjoyed him doing that to me, but not to him. why is this? are some things just better off in fantasy rather than in real life? that's what it seems to be in this situation..anyone experience anything similar?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes, fantasy is very different to real life. Sometimes it can be better, sometimes worse. I also feel the same way, but the other way round. I'm a lesbian and it's hard for me to get reeaaally turned on by thinking about a woman...however when I'm actually with one I like...Oh myy! Lol. Also, I do get turned on by watching gay porn o.O...but I don't like men in real life at all, let alone have sex with them.

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