What do I do about my "friends"?

So, I hang with a couple of girls and I call them my "best friends" and I honestly don't know if they are or not. Let's use names other than theirs, so let's call them Sally and Vicky. Vicky has a foul mouth and curses a lot.Another thing, she is very sassy and talks about dirty, inappropriate things. And it bothers me. A LOT.When I am around I tell her not to talk about those things but she doesn't listen. And she is having a conversation sometimes and I am over there and she's like "You don't need to hear this, you're too innocent." I have started to tell her that I don't care and I like my innocence. I hang around this other girl, too. Let's call her Carly. Vicky and Sally don't like Carly. They think she is a controlling brat- but they call her a yucky word. And I don't really like hanging around Carly because all she wants to talk about are the millions of guys she likes( well, there's really about 3) and it gets really annoying. She'll be like," Oh, *Crush* talked to me. That SO means he likes me!" Or "He looked at me! That means he likes me! Doesn't it?!" And I'll be like "Uh huh!" Because if I don't, she'll get super mad and say something like ," OH SO YOU'RE SAYING I AM NOT AN ATTRACTIVE PERSON AND NOT GREAT TO BE AROUND?" And she gets peed off at the littlest things.One time, as we were leaving class she was like "Are you going to free time?" And I was like "Yeah, but I gotta pee." And she gave me the meanest look, that really peed off look, ya know? And if I don't sit with Carly in free time or anywhere else in school, she gets really peed off. If I do sit with Carly, Sally and Vicky get peed off. Vicky is like "Why are you sitting with that *bad word*?If I stop hanging around Carly, I am afraid she will spread fake stuff about me or something.If I stop hanging around Vicky and Sally, I am afraid Vicky will spread stuff bout me. I have already lost my best friend ever to the populars and I did nothing to deserve that.I can't afford to lose anymore friends

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    Its not about how many friends you have. Its about real friends. I have... 2 real friends? It never really goes above 3.

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