Any good documentaries on nutrition and workout?

And I don't mean movies like Supersize Me or Insanity workout.

I'd like some real science movies like lectures and stuff. Maybe some good quality links from college lectures on youtube?

Thanks for reading.

Cheers, world


And I wouldn't like any NEW or BREAKTHROUGH things.

I wanna know the real basics before rushing into somebody else's ideas on how to improve my nutrition.

Update 2:

Guys I wanted nutrition lectures, not some help-you-lose-fat stuff. :( I don't have any problems. I just wanna know the core basics.

2 Answers

  • Forks over knives



    Fat, Sick and nearly dead

    I know there are some other really good ones just cant remember them right now. And yes Hungry for change is amazing also check out the Ted Talks on food.

  • 8 years ago

    I really recommend you watch 'Hungry For Change' its great and I learnt a lot

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