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before the beginning of the school year i dyed my hair blue (my favorite color) and it turned green. Then i bleached it and it turned light green with blonde roots and it looked awesome so i decided to keep it. But then school was getting close so i decided to dye it all blue except the roots it looked pretty cool and people were complimenting my hair at school. But later i had to let it fade because my hair was very stiff from the dying and bleaching. And then i dyed my hair brown, like a medium golden brown. My hair got kinda healthy like it was movable and just nice. But then after months of having brown hair i decided to dye it red but not crazy red like a kinda bright natural red. And i used L'Oreal Hicolor highlight Red, and it made my hair have like a bunch of split ends so i cutted the split ends. And after a while it faded and looked orange. So then i put beyond the zone Red which after washing my hair a few times turned into pink and my least favorite color is pink, but it wasnt a baby pink it was like a bright red pink. So then i toned my hair and i had blonde roots with pink hair and it looked pretty cool so i decided to keep that for a month. After a month my hair began to look dull so i got some n rage blue and it looked AMAZING everyone loved it. But now my hair is like some parts blue like bright blue and it wont come out and other parts are like pastel green and blonde and BROWN!!! i was looking at my hair and i was like HOW DID I GET BROWN!!! Before it was blue it was all toned and it didnt have any brown on it only light pink with blonde roots. So what can i do about the brown parts of my hair it looks nasty!! and my hair is in a good condition after dyeing it soo much but people think its pretty and theres nothing wrong with it UNTIL you touch my hair it feels rough. But its okay not too bad like the first time .


First time BLUE hair:


Green with blonde:


Blue again:


Blue with blonde:




Kinda faded brown:






Blonde Pink:


And BLUE now again:


more blue:


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    4 years ago

    Semi permament hues are good to apply like loopy colour and instructions, one of those dye isn't unfavorable you could placed it on as a lot as you want. It would not contrain any peroxid. If ur hair is allready damaged i might want to sugest utilising a conditionin therapy, which includes nioxen this can fix ur hair.

  • 8 years ago

    Wow, that's alot of colors! Kudos on your fearless hair colors! If I were you I would deep condition my hair maybe 3/4 times a week for a few weeks. Then try a color remover like color zap or L'Oreal's hair color remover. Deep condition again before applying whatever color you decide to try next. :)

    For deep conditioner I mix olive or avocado oil, coconut oil & peppermint oil with my regular conditioner. (a few drops of peppermint goes a long way) get a runny consistency & saturate your hair, wrap it in an old towel, leave it on for an hour before washing as usual. Good luck!

    Source(s): A close relationship with miss Clairol... ;)
  • 4 years ago

    Depending on my disposition (and there are many, just like my personalities) I feel that going from black hair to blonde is actually like- BAM! in your face, notice me- here I am, is this specific not the greatest thing you possess ever seen.

  • 8 years ago

    strip your hair. you can find hair colour removers by the hair dyes in boots, superdrug. shops like that. keep conditioning you hair though!

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