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So I am building a gaming PC, and I can't decide whether to get the i5-3570k, or the i7-3770k? Overall is it worth the extra money to get the 3770k? If I am not mistaken I thought I heard something about how the 3770k has some kind of threaded cores or something like that? What is that, and how does it affect gaming..

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    8 years ago
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    Core i7's support hyperthreading, which improves performance in specialized applications like movie editing software and design/rendering programs like Maya, Autocad and Blender.

    Games do not benefit from the Core i7's hyperthreading, so the Core i5 3570K is a better choice for gaming builds. You get almost identical performance for $100 less, which means $100 more to spend instead on your graphics card (which is HUGE)

    Core i5 3570K + Radeon HD 7950 easily beats Core i7 3770K + Radeon HD 7850 for the same price.

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    get the i5. hyperthreading in the i7 usually adds zero to gaming because almost all games are single threaded and only use one core anyway. the 2nd core is the gpu booster and you'll use cores 3 and 4 only when dual boxing [or more].

    vent/ts/mumble will run on the 2nd core unless your gpu bogs down -- in which case you've got other issues anyway.

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  • 8 years ago

    i5 3570k is enough most games do not use hyperthead techology and if they do its like 1 or 2 threads

    and the i5 has 4 cores and 4 threads

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