Boyfriends been really stressed lately?

So my boyfriend is usually a reasonable guy and rarely gets mad but recently he's been getting pissed at the simplest things so one night we were fighting (it was stupid) and I asked him why he had been so on edge lately and why he kept getting mad over dumb stuff so he stopped yelling then hugged me and said he was just super stressed so I told him if he wanted to talk I was there for him and now whenever I ask if he wants to talk he just changes the subject I'm really worried about him I can tell something's bothering him and it's starting to seriously effect what do I do? I know guys don't like to talk about their feelings...but it would help him wouldn't it? I've just run out of would be great thanks!

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    8 years ago
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    Two things firstly come to mind. Money and work. Maybe he has debts he can't manage or perhaps there's a problem where he works and he's under some kind of threat. It could even be something to do with his car and the need for an expensive repair or it could be to do with his family. Some food for thought.

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    How about conserving him? How about taking area in his popular on-line interest, or observing his popular movie with him, with a bowl of popcorn? no longer some thing beats a Blockbuster evening! i might want to flow there with the nasty stuff, yet I received't, even with the indisputable fact that i'm positive that you want intimacy with him. you may want to flow that course, yet in a stylish, and under no circumstances ridiculously nasty way. How about taking area in card video games? How about the known dinner, bubble bathtub and rubdown? How about letting him doze off on your chest (no i'm no longer going there)? How about writing him a poem and interpreting it aloud via candlelight jointly with his popular song taking area in interior the history. i might want to flow on all day.

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