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How do I remember my dreams?

I wanna learn how to lucid dream. I only did it once and I havent been able to do it again. Ive gotten bored with my life so I need something else. And don't say something like don't sleep your life away because I my mom got full custody of me and her house is boring in the middle of no where and she wont let me get a car LOL.

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    The best tip of all that I have for you, is to type Lucid Dreaming into the search field on this website, and discover all the great answers that were given to previous Lucid Dreaming questions. I had a look at some of them recently, and found some very useful ones indeed.

    Here are some websites that specialize in Lucid Dreaming techniques and describe it in more detail; as well as how to do it:

    I came across this website on YouTube recently, and found that it had a lot more useful information than I had ever come across before.

    Youtube thumbnail

    This is a website that has a list of books on the subject and reviews as well:

    Don't forget that it might be possible to get some of them at your local library.

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    To remember your dreams, when you just wake up - but you're still half asleep, if you know what I mean - just think to yourself "What dream did I have last night?", or anything close to that, and it helps you remember.

    I've tried it a few times and it worked, but only after the actual dream.

    Here is a website for 'lucid dreaming' that you were talking about:

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    Keep a dream journal. It's a discipline that prompts the mind to remember. You can start each entry with "I remember... I remember..." till you do. Even if it's a feeling write it down. With time and practice, it becomes easier to recall your dreams.

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