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Can I get pregnant from anal sex?

Me and my boyfriend had anal sex 2 days ago while I was on my period. It was towards the end of my period but I had a tampon in and he came inside my butt. Is there a chance that I could get pregnant from this?

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    Pregnancy occurs when sperm gets to the ovaries. last time I checked there was no passage to the ovaries through the anus. Unless his *** trickled out of your anus to your vagina, through the cervix into your womb - which is unlikely. So don't worry abt it.

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    Well, if the sperm slide down to your vagina, you'll be fine. Don't worry, it's rare for a woman to get pregnant from anal sex.

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    Its very unlikely, because the semen would have to dribble form your anus to your vagina for that to happen.

    BUT! Unprotected sex is VERY risky behaviour, because it puts you at very high risk of infections and STDs.

    NEVER engage in any form of penetrative sex without a condom.

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    Unless you have a reproductive system in your intestines ( which you dont ) you arent pregnant.

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    Not a chance.

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