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Mom forces dog to eat rice, every single day?

heres the rice


heres the dog not eating it


heres the dog scratching and barking begging to come back in


She throws away the kibble bits I bought for him, and she locks him outside until he finishes the bowl (this can be upto 8 hours) , but the dog spend several hours scratching and barking at the door, Isnt a diet of only rice for 2 years considered horrible? She says that Im making stuff up when I say that "dogs need mostly meat in their diet". She says that "rice is what they eat, and spending money on dog on idiotic and stupid" what do you guys think?


What you see in the picture is what he gets everyday. He gets nothing new, nothing different.

My mom says dog care is a waste of money. (dog vet, dog food) she makes 200 dollars a week, and this year she bought a brand new honda accord ($25k) she has expensive stuff, like 3 grand fur coat. But 50 dollars for full dog care is "worthless thing to spend money on"

What can I do to help the dog without calling the authorities on my own mother? We're already fighting because she thinks that I'm trying literally drain her funds, but I'm just trying to show her responsibility that comes with a dog. If someone reports her, she could be fined, I honestly don't know if she could pay the fine without a sweat or go broke, she lies alot about our financial situation, (probably to get me to shut up). And if she knows I reported her, I will most likely be homeless.

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    Contrary to popular opinion, dog food can have a lot of rice in it. My dog won't eat anything but chicken and rice or lamb and rice dog foods. But there should plenty of meat in it. Dogs need the protein. Ole Roy brand dog food at Walmart only cost about 65 cents a can in my area and that's what my dog gets and the vet we have used for 35 years sys he is very healthy.

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    I REALLY don't think dogs are supposed to have rice in their diet , if so , why do they put so much meat and no rice in dog food? Dogs are supposed to have dog food, hence the name

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    Not to sound harsh, but I think if your mother can't afford proper dog food, she shouldn't have a dog.

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    call animal control and report abuse

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