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Does sweating more while working out mean youre burning more fat?

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    Not necessarily.

    If you're sweating because You're working intensely, yes,

    If you're sweating because you're wearing 10 jumpers when you work out, no. All you're doing is dehydratating yourself unnecessarily and quicker which can be potentially dangerous.

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    Absolutely, the more you sweat the better. It shows you're working hard and getting your heart rate up. Some people feel disgusting if they sweat after a workout but I feel great if I sweat as it's a sign I'm working hard. The higher you raise your heart rate the more extra calories you burn. I tried out this special belt at the gym which monitors your heart rate and how many calories you burn, the more you raise your heart rate the more calories that you burn at rest. I was surprised at how many extra calories I burnt that I didn't even know about. Obviously don't exercise to the point of exhaustion and making yourself ill, but if you can and if you're physically able to, why not push yourself? Intense exercise burns a lot more fat than simple easy exercise where you're not working very hard. Having said that it's still good to be moderately active, like walking as it still helps you to stay fit and burn calories. Hope I helped :)

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  • 8 years ago

    Yes, that is usually a good indicator along with heart rate.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Not really. It means you are getting more junk out of your system however. Things like water weight.

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