Girl I like but I can't talk to her?

There's this girl I like but we have never talked, I know what her personality is like from classes. I don't have the balls to randomly talk to her and anyway I won't see her for another cuple weeks. I am starting to get depressed, sad I know, becoming more moody and not enjoying sports as much as I did. I want to talk to her on facebook but don't know if I should, would it make it awkward and obvious that I like her? If not how do I do it?

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    8 years ago
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    Trust me and talk to her. A girl wants to know if she can feel comfortable around you before she wants to take the next step. She can never do that unless she gets to know the real you. Be completely honest with her and even hang out with her sometimes (such as tutoring or asking her to join games and conversations). Also, awkwardness doesn't really last long with girls so dont be afraid.

    Source(s): I'm a girl! :)
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