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What are some free things related to Disney world?

I love Walt Disney World and I am watching some documentaries but is there anything else FOR FREE?

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    There are plenty of free things to do at Walt Disney World. You can ride the Disney Transportaton for free, the buses, the boats, and the monorails. You can visit downtown disney for free, you can walk around and have fun. You can park at downtown disney and the water parks for free. You can explore the resorts around the resort for free. If you are a cast member or a family or friends with a cast member you can often get free tickets or even annual passes to the parks. And if you do get in for free, then you can use the fastpass system for free.

    Source(s): Been to WDW 392 times.
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    Just to clarify - Disneyland is in CA and DisneyWorld is in FL. Don't believe bad although we here in the U.S. Do this always too. If you are watching at a DisneyWorld lodge - it will be inside the DisneyWorld properties so you benefit of early admissions to the Disney parks and free shuttle offerings to the Disney parks and residences. Universal is inside the universal Parks (of which I feel there are two) - no Disney perks. They are two one of a kind leisure venues. Despite the fact that they are close enough that you would be able to seek advice from Disney and common in the course of your travel. Every person asks how a lot - a lot depends - now if you do a Disney trip - that you would be able to booklet hotel/park passes and even a dining plan together so all you can need for money (which still provides to alot - snacks/drinks/possible night time enjoyment, recommendations and any items you may need to purchase) - all park leisure - indicates/rides, etc are incorporated within the park admission (other than eliminate stuff and meals in case you are now not on a eating plan). Although you determined to stay at Disney you might spend a day or two at common (Disney has four parks and extra water parks so you without doubt would be entertained just there). I'd endorse going straight to the DisneyWorld website and universal website at it'll exhibit you the parks/inns/costs even/suggests parades, and so forth.

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    Unfortunately, no there isn't. You pay for a one day trip to a local amusement park so I'm sure there is nothing like Disney World that is free. I know how you feel though. Disney World is awesome but is extremely expensive.

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