Expert knowledge about swiss tax needed family conspiracy?

okay this is a HUGE mess. i have recently been accepted a swiss citizenship along with my mother and grandmother who were both born in switzerland. we all live in the united states and are trying to move back into switzerland, however my grandma who is 76, has a sister, brother and her husband being my grandfather. she told me earlier today that her sister who still lives in switzerland had forged her name on a house loan that said that my grandmother had given her more than 350,000 CHF to buy a house in switzerland. this is not true, although we have no proof that they had done this, my grandmothers friend mentioned to my grandma that that is the reason that my grandmas sister doesnt talk to my grandma anymore (they havent talked since my grandma moved from switzerland to canada which was more than 50 years ago) so my grandmas friend who is now past away thinks that that has something to do woth it because my grandma thinks that if she goes back to zurich to register as a citizen to live there the swiss government will say that you owe us alot of money in taxes because you gave your sister all of that money to pay for their house and you did not pay taxes on it, so we fear that there is a huge lumpsome of money that is increasing year after year for over 50 years that has to be payed. now here is the reason we think that all of this is true (my mother and myself think this my grandma doesnt know we are talking about this) my grandmas brother , who had worked with my grandmas sister, my grandpa, and my grandmas father in the same buisness in the 1960s. we think that they have something very big to hide because shortly after my grandma grandpa and mom moved to canada my grandmas brother had commited suicide in the back of the business that they had worked in ( back in the 60s this happened) so we all think that he knew something about the big picture and that he took what he knew to the grave. we are going to visit zurich in 2 weeks to try and sort this out,

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    Your story sounds unbelievably and a little "fishy" to me.

    Question 1: Why would you all move to Switzerland? What are you going to live on there? Do you all speak German/French/Italian of Romanch?

    Question 2: Why are you worried about taxes for something that happened over 50 years ago? Do you even know where this house is and who owns it now?

    Question 3: Why are you asking about Swiss taxes here?

    Since you must speak one of the languages spoken in Switzerland, just call and find out.

    Here is the website, you can look up a telephone number to call here:

    Good luck with your move - Switzerland is much more than a sea removed from USA, it's more like a different world, comparatively speaking.


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