Why is my family overreacting because i had sex..?

My mom found out i was sexually active, i'm 17 years old and my bf is 21 she found out I had sex... And she make a huge drama out of it and told my family and now they wont let me see him anymore ! I'll turn out 18 next year, and i'm planning on moving in with my bf when i finish high school.. What can i do to let my family know thats what i want!


My bf has a stable job and i'm taking my normal high school classes plus an additional photography class and i make money out of it shooting weddings and stuff.... They're just paranoid because their "perfect" daughter had sex before marriage

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    8 years ago
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    OK,you are " legal " at 18 ?

    Then you can choose,can you or your bf support you?

    Or do you expect to continue the free ride on your parent's money?

    Good Luck,these days everyone needs it.

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    It is actually pretty normal for parents to freak out when they first find out their child is sexually active. I have seen it happen with moms and dads and with regard to both sons and daughters. Everyone knows it will come one day, but that day always comes far too soon for your little prince or princess.

    17 can also seem very young in many eyes, not only those of parents, to be embarking on a sexual relationship,even though the reality is that many young people are sexually active at 17.

    You have a problem now though, in that your parents do know about you, and are disapproving. I wouldn't dream of telling them that you are thinking of moving in with your boyfriend when you finish school. Why be confrontational when you know they are already upset.

    For now, there are only two options open to you. You either wait the relatively short while until you are 18 to resume seeing your boyfriend (if he too will wait so long), or you kick against the rules and take all the unpleasantness that will probably come along with that.

    Option one is clearly the best and it will also give you a short breathing space to assess whether this really is going to be a long term, loving relationship or whether your boyfriend is not quite as committed as you currently believe him to be.

    If you are both truly in love and not lust, you will be able to wait what has to be less than a year until you reach the age of 18.

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    18 is to young to be worried about moving in with a guy. Plus sex isn't all fun its risky. If mess around too much you could end up with a child. You're too young too be raising children. You should be focused on getting your self established as an adult. At 18 you should have an idea of what you want to do with your life and pursuing your carreer not ****** around.

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    You do know its illegal for an adult to have sex with someone who is under aged.He could get into a lot of trouble if your parents decide to press charges. Remember your still considered dependent on your parents until your 18. Listen to them for now. And.. think about what your going to do after u move in. Who's going to support you? THINK

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