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I have this huge swollen bump near my armit please read!?

So it started of 3-4 days ago & I had a tiny pimple near my armpit, so I left it. Then gradually I noticed the outsides of that pimple was getting larger each day. So after 2 days, I decided to take some pencillin antibiotics which were prescribed to me from the GP a couple while back as I had a very similar swollen pimple near the corner of my mouth.

So I had these SP (swollen pimple) that kept coming one at a time on both sides of my mouth. This went on for about 1 SP every month and a bit, for about 5 months. Each time the doctor would just prescribe some antibiotics and send me home. The medicine helped and it was gone in a week. This is like the 6/7 time it has happened but now it's on my further back left arm near my armpit.

I had some antibiotics left over from the last time, so I took a few of those in the prescribed way obviously. I also suffered from a minor fluxcilation ( I think that's how you spell it) which look like an SP but a little smaller. Anyway, then next on the 3rd day I covered a squared small padding in toothpaste and stuck that on the swollen Pimple(SP) and then bandaged that. That night I opened up the bandage to see how my SP Looked and nothing had changed, the swelling did not go down.

I don't why it's happening & what causes it to happen! Please tell me what I can do to help the swelling go down and finally for my arm to not pain. It really hurts when I touch it or bend my arm, even a slight movement near it will trigger a small pain. I can't sleep well & it makes me so tired!

P.S: I don't want to go to the doctors because all their gonna do is give me antibiotics & then send me home! I have antibiotics already!

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    The reason why your doctors keep giving you antibiotics is because you have swollen lymph nodes, and when you have swollen lymph nodes, you don't want bacteria to affect the bump. Antibiotics will help reduce the production of pus and keep the area from swelling more. These things happen very often and take patience to go away.

    The most common areas affected by sebaceous cysts and swollen lymph nodes are the back of the neck, arm pits, inner thighs, and jawlines. I get bumps sometimes from stress.

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    I've had a couple of acne in that field before and they do harm! They also take forever to go away. They don't seem to be like ordinary zits. What I continuously do is take a high-quality scorching bathe and let the steam convey the pimple to a head and then i try to pop it. It'll hurt relatively dangerous however when you rely to a few and then simply squeeze fairly tough it will pop and no longer harm any longer. They by and large do not come again so that you will have to only must pop it once. In case you are sexually energetic or had been not too long ago go to your health practitioner and have it checked and get confirmed. Be quite careful not to get the pus anywhere however on a rag or tissue or anything. You in no way recognize if it would unfold.

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    you are always meant to finish antibiotics for them to be effective i think, this might be why you have another problem, phone the doctors and ask

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