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is it that bad to dye your hair?? (10 points to best answer)?

i quit straightening my hair bc its getting longer and its still healthy but i was gonna dye it later on and i dont plan on straightening it for a very long time so is dying it that bad? i only do it every 3 months and thats only four times a year.


i dont and never will bleach my hair i know its bad for ur hair and my hair is naturally dark brown almost black if i dye it and dont keep up with my roots for some reason nobody would notice but me bc hair is so dark but i like it darker than what it already is.

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    Not necessarily. I dye my hair 2 times a hair and my hair grows out fine and healthy. It really depends on your genetics. 4 times a year is a bit too much, so try to tone it down or make sure to take really good care of it afterwards!

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    manufacturers of hair dye,are making it better and better to dye your hair without damaging it

    -because you dont straighten your hair very often at all it wont be that bad.

    -however when dying your hair,you need to keep redying and redying it,due to roots,this can over time cause it to be harmful to your hair,no matter what you use.

    -the best ones are the ones that contain lots of oils,and natural extracts

    -do not bleach your hair,that is awful for your hair

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    Due to the formerly undesirable effects dye had on hair, companies that manufacture hair dye have been perfecting formulas to have conditioning properties in them. Many dyes now have essential oils (olive, coconut, avocado, argan, etc.) to make hair shinier and healthier. Dyes infused with keratin are especially good, as keratin strengthens hairs as well as making it look smoother and shinier :) x

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