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How many calories should i be eating a day?

I am trying to lose weight. I am 5'8. 256. 19 yrs old. Someone said 2500 cals. Someone else said 800... Im so confused

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    From 1200-1500 is perfect.

    Space out your meals to about 5 a day

    In the morning at about 8 or 9 have a glass of cold wster to speed up your mentabolism. Then have a medium sized bowl of cereal with low fat milk

    2 and a half hours later have 2 pieces of fruit. Eg- kiwi, melon, apple, banana ect..

    2 and a half hours later have a small sized lunch. A sandwich would be perfect. Preferably brown bread with chicken, lettuce, onions ect...

    2 and a half hours after that (about 3 or 4 o clock) have more fruit

    Then another 2 and a half after that have a meduim sized dinner consisting of chicken(would be mu choice) and vegetables. Nothing too big, just enough to keep you satisfied. Try to keep all your meals low in amount.

    Make sure to get at least 8 hours sleep a night, trust me it helps greatly.

    Drink about 2 litres of water a day and DONT cheat by having chocolate or crisps

    Just think about how bad you want it. Every time you are about to eat junk food, just think "how bad do I want a good looking body, I want it bad!!!!"

    Hope it helps

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    Depends on how fast you want to lose. It takes 3600 calories to gain or lose 1 pound. If your daily activities are burning 3000 calories, but you are only eating 2400 calories, then you are shorting yourself 600 calories per day. At that rate, you will lose 1 pound every 6 days. The trick is knowing how much you are burning versus how much you are eating on a daily cycle.

    Also, go to this site: and get your RMR (resting metabolic rate). Your RMR is how many calories you are burning per day just being a couch potato. Any activity you can do beyond being a CP will increase your daily burn and increase your weight loss rate.

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    Never below 1100 to 1200. Here is what can help you calculate it:

    Go to this website & get your BMR (basic metabolic rate which is what your body burns just by you being alive and breathing.)

    After you have your BMR #, then you need to calculate your AMR (Active Metabolic Rate.) It is calculated by multiplying your BMR# by your level of activity:

    BMR * 1.1 - if you have a desk job & don't move at all

    BMR * 1.2 - if you have a job where you stand all day

    BMR * 1.3 - if you are VERY active like a physical trainer

    BMR * 1.4 - if you are an athlete and workout for HOURS eachday.

    Works like a charm every time!

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    I think it's about 2000. But if you're trying to lose weight, try exercising. Or working out, it's a much more efficient way of losing weight than eating less or drastically changing your diet.

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    you can calculate it here:

    Hope that helps

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