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How can I stop being so competitive?

Recently whenever I play a sport, or a videogame or anything, I get overly frustrated and angry if I am not good enough or mess up, making me a lot worse. How can I stop being competitive so I can do well again and have fun and enjoy it?

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  • 8 years ago
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    What kind of games do you play? I love a challenge myself and even if I lose, I don't care that much as long as it was a challenge. So like on call of duty (modern warfare 3) I always played 1 vs 1 just for that perpose. That way sometimes you can find someone equal match to you and its not frustrating at all.

  • 8 years ago

    Having a competitive edge is a good thing to an extent. If you are worried about being overly competitive, then maybe you should try thinking about how the other person feels when they lose, and if it is easier, then try putting yourself in their shoes and remember how you feel when you don't succeed at things and people beat you. That is how the other person more than likely feels. Cut them some slack and let them feel better about themselves.

    Personal experience being the loser.


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