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Why does human hair keep growing but animal fur stops?

Kind of like the hair on our arms/legs. If anyone knows please explain!

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    Let me shed some light on that question. I don't shed, my hair just falls out. It's all in the DNA.

    Source(s): Me: Male with hair to the middle of my back.
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    Its because of the core of the hair. Animal fur simply grows to a certain length and then falls out an regrows. Its a diff growth pattern than our hair

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    All hair (and fur) keeps growing. However, some hairs have a longer lifespan (your head hair) and some have a shorter lifespan (your eyelashes). Once the hair dies, it falls out and is replaced. If you ever had a dog like a husky, that sheds like mad, you would be all too well aware of the growth and death of fur. I had one and was perpetually cleaning up hair/fur.

  • 8 years ago

    Actually, human hair does stop growing at one point. For head hair, it stops growing after 4-5 if you are a male, of 7-8 if you are a female. The reason why we have so much long hair in our head may be because in the dawn of humans, males preferred to mate with females with long hair.

    Source(s): Vsauce, Captain Obvious
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