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Can you delete the questions you make in yahoo answers?

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    Once resolved or in voting you can't delete them.

    To delete a question while it's still open, go to the question , pass your mouse over the pencil icon in the toolbar below your question, click Delete Question.

    All you can do is hope it is reported as a violation even resolved questions can be removed that way.You could try emailing the YA team

    explaining as to why it (they) should be deleted,. however Yahoo will only delete questions if they violate the community guidelines or reveal personal contact information (e.g. email address, phone numbers, address etc).

    The same as above pretty much applies to your answers.

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    Once the best answer has been chosen by the asker or a question goes to a vote it can't be deleted even if your account is closed. Neither can the associated answers. Prior to that the delete for questions is at the edit menu under the question and delete for an answer is under the answer. Deleted questions will still show up grayed out in your list but no one else can see them.

    Q│This is the action bar that is located under each question.

    U│The menu items displayed depends on the status of the question.


    S│Action Bar:┊✰Interesting!▾ ┊☒Email ┊▦Comment(0) ┊✚Save▾ ┊✐Edit▾


    A│This is the edit/delete option under an answer.


    S│5 minutes ago - Edit - Delete

    You can always write to Y!A and see if they will delete it at:



    They will only remove questions or answers that are violations or reveal personal information.

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    Yes. There should be an edit button and you can choose to delete from there. Sometimes you can't see it if you are using a cell phone to get on the internet. You need to be on a computer.

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    Yes .. you can delete the whole question. May be under edit. Drop down menu and then hit delete.

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  • Greg
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    8 years ago

    Yes if you go to My Activity and choose my Questions and delete any that have not been solved or and that are open questions.

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    8 years ago

    You see the large red X in the upper right corner of your screen? That's the delete button.

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