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Which of the following about states of matter is true?

(A)a gas has a definite volume but not a definite shape. (B)a liquid does not have a definite volume or a definite shape. (C)the particles in a solid tend to have less energy than in a gas. (D)each substance can exist in only state of matter.

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    C is true.

    A is false because gases are compressible.

    B is false because most liquids are not compressible and therefore have a specific volume.

    D is false because many substances exist in multiple states of matter (e.g. water).

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    C is true.

    A gas fills the container that it is in. therefore a gas has no definite volume.

    A liquid does not have a definite shape - it takes the shape of its container.

    Substances can exist in each state of matter. For example, water can exist as either a solid, liquid or a gas.

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