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Is My Cat Eating Enough?

So, I currently work at an animal shelter. At the beginning of the month, we had a stray cat that came in, estimated to be 15 years old. He was in rough shape. His ears are frostbitten, so they are hard as a rock, and I was told, they will probably fall off eventually. He also came to the shelter with a horrible cold, and because he had had it for so long and was sneezing so much, he had discharge and blood coming from his nose. He's been put on meds since then, and is doing a lot better! But, he also came to the shelter underweight. He gained two pounds in a week of being at the shelter, which was a good sign, and miraculously, his blood work also came back fine.

Even though he was doing better, because of his age and condition, my boss told me they were probably going to put him down. She said if not, he would probably just spend the rest of his life in a cage anyway because we have a had enough time homing older cats, let alone ones in his condition. I saw hope with this cat, though, and felt like it wasn't his time, so I ended up taking him home this past Tuesday (3 days ago) instead.

Freckles, as he was named at the shelter, is doing well at my home. He is fine with my other animals, and swipe if they bother him too much, but is in no way viscous or aggressive at all. In fact, since he got here, he has shown no signs of fear, and he follows me from room to room, including sleeping right next to me. He never leaves my side.

The only issue I've noticed with him since bringing him home is that he hardly eats. He gained two pounds at the shelter, and I don't want him to lose that. I've offered him three different types of dry food, and he seems to like Science Diet Kitten the best. He won't even touch wet food since getting here. I've offered him Fancy Feast (cold and heated), tuna, and chicken and turkey baby food. Nothing. I decided yesterday to start measuring his food, so I could monitor how much he's eaten, and he's eaten about a quarter of a cup in 24 hours, just about. Is that okay for a 9 pound 15 year old cat? He has a vet appointment soon, but still over a week away, and I don't know if I'm maybe just being paranoid because my other cat is a pig, and eats a lot more. Help!


By the way, whoever owned him in the past, unfortunately declawed him, so it is a miracle that he survived being a stray for so long, and I doubt he caught his own food.

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    He was a stray and came in at 15 years old? Then we don't know how long he has been a stray for, but, beng as he was a stray, i think, and it will probably sound stupid at first, but i think the problem might be that he has been too used to catching moving prey to eat and doesn't want to eat something that doesn't move, as he MAY think that it's contaminated or something. Just a suggestion. Not saying that it's a definate solution, but try making the food move or something. Attatch it to a piece of string and using it as a toy (though i kinda doubt that a cat of that age would fall for a trick like that. Worth a try, though, right?).

    Good luck with making him eat, anyway. Really hope he does.

  • Mark R
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    So, I am Sorry, but an ANIMAL shelter cant answer this !

    He hardly eats, gained two pounds ????

    Shelters in USA have a better Menu than UK, you offered Fancy Feast (cold and heated), tuna, and chicken and turkey baby food.?

    Did you actually CatNap this cat, and ask a million ransom, and are concerned ?

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