Does he have feelings for me?

Ive been haveing an affair with married man for a year now which I instigated hes never had affair before. Its not based on just sex we talk alot about normall things he always messages me first thing every morning just to say morning and has put up with me stropping off alot of times. Several times hes ended it but always wants to try again. At times hes even moaned at me saying its not all about sex im confused whats happening ? I know its WRONG but really care about him and its hard to walk away.

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  • Vamp
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    8 years ago
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    Yes, he has "feelings" for you - just not enough of them to sort out the situation. You might "really care" about him but this relationship is going nowhere.

    From his point of view, he's doing very nicely. He has a home base for comfort purposes and you for excitement.

    Either accept that or get out.

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