What is a girls sorority?

I've watched tons of those teen sorority girl movies but I dont understand what they are. Is it like a school or college? Why do they sleep there? Whats the delta/kappa thing?? I dont get what it is all about. What aged girls go to sororities?


Also, the girls that are in a sorority house.. do they ever get out of the sorority scene? Can they have a life outside of the sorority house or can they actually get out? I'd hate to be stuck in a house with the same people and not be able to have a life outside of that

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  • 8 years ago
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    Party schools (colleges) have sorority that really serious. Fraternity is for boys, sorority is for girls. Sometime you have to do really stupid things just to get into it (kinda like a club run by college students). It's like a brotherhood or sisterhood. They probably stick together and help out one another when need. They drink, they hangout... do things they consider fun and wild. sometime too wild (sex..). you can't get stuck in the house forever, you have school to go to. the movie just like to exaggerate and make it more interesting and dramatic.

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