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What do I do with this sick puppy?

So I'm standing in the kitchen making hamburger helper and I heard this noise, I didnt know what it was..Well after about 10 mins of this, I notice its coming from outside. So I go out and there is a little white puppy whining her little precious tail off in the driveway. I noticed her back leg is tremoring/shaking/twitching and she wont stop whining. I gently tried to look to see if maybe it was broken but she nipped me in the hand( not trying to bite I think), but eventually I could tell it was not broken. I noticed the other leg SEEMS to work but the dog literally drags this twitching leg behind her. I gave her some sugar water just in case she might have low blood sugar or dehydrated. I dont know what to do, I have no money, its 6:30 at night. A vet is obviously out of the question I have 3 kids and I'm not fittin to allow them to go hungry because of this( call me selfish if you will, but its not easy being a single mother). I am unsure of wether to take her to the pound or call animal control. Please help?!?

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    Call animal control or take her to the pound. They will check her to see what's wrong.

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    What, if any, diagnostics were carried out? I do not believe that going to a brand new vet is the reply. I might go back to the normal vet considering that they are most aware of the case. It is unfair to expect that this vomiting episode is a continuation of the last one and that it's the vet's fault. Particularly if the vomiting had stopped for 10 days. Should you brought this case to me, i'd repeat a fecal, do some bloodwork, and take radiographs to examine for obstructions. The fuzz within the vomit makes me consider that a overseas physique might be the fault. Hypoglycemia, which is customary in these little guys, might also purpose vomiting.

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    Call Animal Conrol to come & get the dog. They can scan for a chip to try & find the owners. They will euthanize the dog if it is suffering.

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