what happened to my hamster?

So my family just came back from Spring break. Both of the hamsters were in the cage. Then the next day, day one of the hamsters was gone. Keep in mind that the hamsters were separated because one of them kept on attacking the other one. We looked for hamster droppings but didn't find any. There was nothing the hamster could've jumped up onto and escape from. Her cage was elevated onto my brother's dresser. Where do you think the hamster is???


I have two small

dogs, but there is no physical way they could get up there. And they would eat any food I set out for them.

Update 2:

Poca- I've read the Harry Potter books thoroughly

, and nowhere does it say anything about beta fish...the first thing is kind of creepy...

Update 3:

Never mind, I remember when he said that...sorry.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I have 2 stories. The first my mom told me about when she was a little girl. She had a pet hamster that disappeared one day. Years later, my Grandma was cleaning out the heating vent and thought there was a large dust ball, it was the dried up hamster. Second story, I had a betta fish, one day he was gone. It reminded me of the story Professor Slughorn told Harry in The Half Blood Prince. Still no idea where that damn thing went, but a fish can't really run away now can it? Dumb animals can sometimes find a way out, but will almost always die soon there after, so be prepared to stumble across the remains when you least expect it. (ADDITONAL) Slughorn did not have a Betta fish, there was a bowl left in his office with a few inches of water with a flower petal floating on top. The petal sank and turned into a fish, it was "beautiful magic", the day he came downstairs and noticed the bowl was empty, he knew Lilly Potter had died....

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