How can I convince my mom into letting me do virtual school?

Please help quickly and no need for opinions in my choice please! Thx!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Tell your mom the reasons why you want to enroll in virtual school.

    Prepare a list of the cons she is bound to bring up.

  • 5 years ago

    I think you need to tell her that going to school puts a lot of stress on you in the time that you should be completely away from anything that might annoys you. when you tell her that going to virtual school well help you relax and make you feel better i think she'll accept specially if you explain to her that you are gonna do your best and work really hard and maybe harder than waht you do in normal school because that might be what she's worried about, unless if it's about you staying home and you had depression but I thought she's staying home with you. Honesty is the key, at least in your case. anyways, good luck

  • 8 years ago

    Clearly, the other two answerers didn't read your description...

    It took me FOREVER to convince my mom to let me do school online. At the beginning, I just pestered her constantly. She thought I'd forget about it if she said she didn't like the idea. But no. I was serious. I wasn't backing down. I printed off tons of information, anticipated all her questions, and was prepared with the answers. I made a list of the ways online school would be better than regular public school for me. I got my dad on my side. We brought my mom around together. It took a long time, but eventually she understood. I was taking action with my education. I didn't want to tolerate stupid kids or teachers anymore. I wanted to get a better education, because my old education system wasn't the greatest. Some of the teachers were awful and there were no advanced classes offered, so I also felt dragged behind. I told my mom that, and she understood. It got her to listen. And here I am, almost done with my sophomore year at Connections Academy. It is a little harder than public school, because you're by yourself, and you have to discipline yourself into getting motivated, but it IS doable. One of my mom's points was that I was a lazy person and I'd just get way behind if I switched. I didn't get behind. (Well, okay, I'm a few lessons behind in speech. Only because I hate it.)

    Just explain to your mom how devoted you are to your education. Tell her all the reasons why switching to online school would benefit you. There are SO many benefits. I can spend more time working around the house (she loves that), I bake a lot (my whole family loves that), I work out more (my body loves that), and I have more time for so many great things. I read all the time. I'm learning to play more instruments. I'm getting more involved in the community. I'm even getting a part-time job soon. School stresses me out sometimes, but I truly believe if I was at a regular school, the stress would be much worse. I'm seriously drama-less. I still have friends. A bunch of them. Most are homeschooled or online-schooled and they're amazing. They're laid back and fun. I haven't had to deal with drama (Friend-wise. There's still family drama.) for about five months now and it's just awesome.

    Good luck with everything, and don't let people on here (or otherwise) discourage you. This is your decision, you deserve the freedom to make it. :)

    Source(s): Sophomore at WCA.
  • 8 years ago

    I'd like to co-sign what Marissa said. I have two boys in K-12 Virtual Academy (Connections and K-12 are the two most popular VA's in the country). It will teach you discipline, you will have time to explore things you like in even more details. You will have teachers but not every hour and you can listen to recordings. This option is becoming more popular because parents are fed up with the indoctrination that goes on in schools, lack of teaching and the real chance of encountering a dangerous situation. As far as your parents are concerned, they will save school clothes, you buy the supplies you think you need and more than likely, you'll find you will need less than that. K12 offers outings...there's a Tiger's baseball game we're going to next boys will interact with their classmates. Your mom won't have to worry about not meeting state tests/requirements. With K12, if our kids don't take Michigan's MEAP test, they will be kicked out. I actually get along BETTER with my boys (this is our third yr)...the stress level is down. I am aware of everything they have to do. With my middle school student, I have all of the answers to his work.. The high school student works independently (even though I set up a book that he has to check off and turn in to me everyday to verify his work was done. Something I made up myself...not required). Parents have on-line classes and meetings they can attend to help them teach their children that are in elementary and middle school... and or navigate the process. Ooh, my youngest and I read a book he chose..To Kill A Mockingbird...real good experience... the two of us doing that together. If you are in middle school, your parent may be considered your learning coach. I spend about the amount of time I would with a middle schooler in brick and mortar doing homework. Also, they sent computers for us. If you are approved for the free lunch pgm, you can get a one. As far as socialization, in normal society people do not spend time with people their same age. Think about it, jobs, sports, whatever you do, you interact with many different people of different ages. You'll get a chance to be exposed (with parental supervision) to the world the way it truly operates, making you even more mature that what you already are. Best wishes kiddo!

    Source(s): K-12 mom to an 8th and 9th grader
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    8 years ago

    I got put into a virtual school this year and it really sucks. You might be motivated at first, but after the first couple months it starts to SUCK! And be prepared that if your not motivated enough that they will retain you (hold you back). Your gonna actually have to do the same exact amount you do in normal public school, just without all the kids. My opinion I would stick to Public school. It may suck but you'll wish you were back after a couple of months...

    Source(s): I'm homeschooled, and being held back because of it.
  • 8 years ago

    I understand that you want to go into Cyber School. But trust me it is going to SUCK! I have been in Cyber High School for about 6 months, and it sucks! I am not motivated to do my work, and I slack off too much, I am trying to get back into public school, think of what you are giving up! Stick with public school, it is a lot better! (unless you are being bullied)

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