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I dropped an empty drawr from a dresser on my big toe?

Its a little black and there is a little blister of blood under it. And it hurts when i walk. But my toe nail is still there it isnt detached or anything. What should i do? Whats going to happen to it?

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    several months ago, I accidentally kicked the leg of a picnic table with my toe,

    and it did the same thing, it turned slightly black and it hurt when I walked.

    I thought it would be fine, but eventually the toenail came off (several weeks later).

    it grew a new little nail up from the bottom and it looked really weird for a couple of months!

    really, I was surprised at how long it took to grow back.

    anyway, watch it reallly closely because as mine grew back it ended up ingrowing,

    and now I have an ingrown toenail. not fun!!

  • Alex
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    8 years ago

    Put a bandaid on it. You may lose the nail.

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