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Is there anywhere in the world where you can legally carry a sword?

I am more then willing to move to almost any country for the opportunity to freely carry a katana at my side... And for the life of me I can not find anything regarding legally carrying a sword on any site I found on Google... So i was just wanting to know if anyone knew a place where someone could legally own display and carry a sword out in the open...

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    No where in the world will allow a civilian to carry a sword by their side!

    Unless it's in a parade not every day!

    And To try that any where in Europe will earn you a stay in prison.

    The Knife in India is from the Sikhism religion not Hindu.

    And the knife in question is a small dagger.

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    Here in Canada, a weapon is defined by intent. So if you were carrying a katana around with the express purpose of self defence the cops could bust you for carrying a deadly weapon. If on the other hand you were carrying it just because you thought it made you look like a badass and you didn't intend to use it, it wouldn't be considered a weapon and the cops wouldn't necessarily take it away from you, but they still might if they thought you were lying. To be honest, if I were a cop and I heard someone say that they were carrying a katana around as a fashion accessory or for some weird pretentious spiritual reason I'd assume that they were lying and I'd take it off them.

    It would probably be fine if you said you used it for martial arts and you were on your way to your studio, or if you said that it was for a play you were doing and you were going to a practice though.

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    There are a lot of european countries for example (i´m living in one of those) where there exists no law against carring a sword (IF you are an adult).

    But fact is police will follow you home.

    They won´t take your sword away if you don´t start trouble but they definitelly will follow you Whereever you go (Just waiting for the legal chance that you will make a misstake)

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    Most of the USA. Very few places here restrict the open carry of a knife in a scabbard.

    Shirley, Hindus do not carry a knife. Sikh men carry a knife.

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    I don't know if it is legal but there is a guy who I see in a city where I work that dresses like Jesus and he calls himself the samurai Jesus and carries a sword.

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    Only in america, the land where everyone on the street is armed to the teeth.

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