Should I risk it (10 points)?

I like my current major (Spanish). I enjoy it and I am doing well in my classes. I am worried about finding a job because there are limited job opportunities for Spanish majors. Although I can be a teacher, it is competitive, underpaid, and stressful. I wanted to have a double major in speech pathology because it seems less stressful and it is better paid. The speech pathology program won't allow double majors. I must switch majors now if I want speech pathology. However, I haven't taken any coursework or volunteer work related to speech pathology. I am also not good at math or science. Should I change majors? Should I risk going into the field w/experience?


I already speak Spanish fluently.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Honestly, I wouldn't risk it. There is a HUGE market for Spanish translators in America right now, and on average, they make about $40 an hour. Not that it is all about the money, but switching majors is a risk. Do what you love, and you will find a job, I promise :)

  • DeAnne
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    8 years ago

    Almost every job in Texas requires knowing Spanish. Probably the reason I never got hired when I lived there.

    If speech path interests you more, go ahead with that. Spanish is always a plus to have, especially when traveling to spanish-speaking countries.

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