I'm really scared please help me ! I made a fake Facebook account.?

My friend and I made a fake Facebook account . Since we aren't allowed on Facebook we made up someone pretending they were my friends cousin. I logged in one time , and I looked up someone from my primary . She is very rough and today she posted on the comment page of the account t, is it me . I said know , but the account t knows who I am . Then another girl liked the comment and I'm worried this girl will tell everyone I know. And I'm scared that , the girls in my class will shout at me . But my friend said mean things to othe preople on it and I'm worried f we do get in trouble , she won't admit she did those things. What should I do ? I'm actually really scared the girls in my class are really mean .

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    So just close the account!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    do no longer worry buddy...facebook isn't a gadget of regulation enforcement. Reporting is there to digitally penalize human beings, no longer positioned them in penal complex. needless to say, if somebody is so persistent -stalking, threatening etc.- the violated individual has the ideal to apply this guidance against the criminal. yet relax, you're way out of this classification guy.

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