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Do you think domestic abuse is greater now or half a century ago?

My teacher asked us this during class, not as homework but just something to think about.

I would like to think its gotten better but I believe it's worse now more than ever.

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    Well, if it isn't greater it isn't for lack of trying...we've expanded the definition of domestic abuse 100-fold in an effort to make women feel empowered. Of course, it is still not enough according to feminists. I don't think they will be satisfied until women have totalitarian rule over all men.

  • MBB
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    I don't think domestic abuse rates have ever been higher than right now, considering all the music that has gone mainstream nowadays - specifically rap music where women are referred to us b*tches and whores - considering this and also the general moral decay of society and the fact that it is no longer unacceptable to hit a woman (I talk to many guys and they all say it is okay to hit a woman (instead of holding her down and immobilizing her) if she hits you, which is something that I can't accept since I was raised by a single mom that told me hundreds of times not to hit girls).

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    I've read slightly conflicting information.

    According to the Bureau of Justice statistics, the rate of domestic violence has gone down notably between 1995 and 2005. They state: "Homicides of intimates have declined, especially among male victims."


    One of the main complaints I've read about VAWA is that despite spending 700 million annually, DM against women hasn't decreased at all.

    I certainly second what Darin88 said. What people now consider domestic violence never would have been considered violence 50 years go. Under VAWA, name calling, pushing, and with holding money are all considered acts of violence.



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    Perhaps the awareness of domestic abuse is so much greater than a century ago; however, the crime of domestic amuse itself has gotten much much worst than it has ever been. =P

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  • Jack
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    8 years ago

    I think it depends on whose perspective you're taking.

    If you're a woman, the odds of you being victimized I suspect is lower today than they were half a century ago.

    If you're a man, the odds of you being victimized I suspect is higher today than they were half a century ago.

  • I think it is being reported more, because there are organizations to help women in those situations. I think because it is less acceptable now than it was fifty years ago, it is being noticed more.

  • zombie
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    half a century ago

    this is how i see things in my life.

    men does not physically hurt a women, but gets pissed the f*ck off when he cant have sex

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    More now, because then it was just everyday life, didn( have a name

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    now because the only women who got it upside the head are the one who stepped outta line, and because today we have more wimps.

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