People of San Fran, please answer this?

I'm planning on studying in San Fran next year and was wondering how much, on average, would I need monthly for daily necessities such as rent, food, clothes, etc. taking into consideration I don't live a very "party" or "spendthrift" lifestyle. (Not inclusive of school fees)

P.S.: I'm not a US citizen, I am coming from Asia.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I don't know what it's like for exchange students/or foreigners, but here, you need to make 3x more than what you make in order to be legible for an apartment for MOST if not all places. I would HIGHLY suggest getting a roommate. Depending on where you're looking and going, you're looking at about $2500+ just for the apartment alone. That does NOT cover your utility bills. I would consider staying OUTSIDE of the city. San Fran is expensive and not a very safe place to live in my book.

    Source(s): live in bay area
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