Should I tell her I still like her?

Ok so over the last year, this girl and I have come close to dating about four different times. But each time she would call it off or something would come up. It's been about four months since we last tried and both of us have dating other people and stuff and that's been nice and all. But lately I have been thinking about her and dreaming about her a lot. Should I tell her how I feel or should I just try to let it go again?

By the way I'm a girl too

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  • 8 years ago
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    I kno how u feel I was in the same situation with some girl I used to go out with I loved her a lot we went out for 2yrs nd then we broke up nd now we r doing our separate things but anyways my point is that u can try but don't try to much cuz me like me I want this girl back still nd I cant get her back just try telling her nd maybe she will want u back again. Just kno one thing love id really complicated so its hard to deal with this type of stuff

    Source(s): I am a girl and was experiencing this, I went through I rough life with her.
  • 8 years ago

    Never ever tell anyone you like them. SHOW them. Let them notice, and REALISE.

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