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Have I made the right decision to leave my boyfriend?

I've been suffering from some pretty severe depression. It's so bad that I feel like I'm drowning most if the time. I cant keep putting on a happy face and pretending. It's all just too much for me right now :(

I've told my boyfriend many times and I've asked for his support so I can get through this difficult time but he's never really been open to talk about it or anything, he just deferrs the conversation. I haven't been going to work recently because I just can't face getting out of bed and all he does is get angry at me for not going. He doesn't try and help me or talk to me about it and try to fix the actual problem. He just thinks that forcing me to go will make me happier, which I know won't.

I've told him that it's something I can't cope with right now and I know that I'm not earning money if I don't go so it gets really hard to pay bills and stuff but at the moment it's just not something I can stand. All I want is for him to be there for me. To talk to me about what my problems and issues are and to be there for me while I'm trying to get through this but to me it seems that he couldn't care less about it

We've been together for two and a half years and I really do love him but I can't continue to have him as a part of my life if he isn't going to support me like I would do for him. I miss him so much because we live together so we are always together. I miss just asking about his day and telling him about mine. All I know is continuing without doing something would have led to some kind of breakdown and I couldn't deal with that.

What should I do?? :S

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  • Frank
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    8 years ago

    John Denver wrote a great line in a song, Seasons of the Heart: "When I'm lying right beside you is when I'm most alone."

    Being with someone who is hurting you rather that supporting you just makes things worse.

    You can do it. Make a plan. Get rid of him. Then get up and go to work to get all the other thoughts out of your head. Then get up and go to work the next day. Take it one day at a time. Use work to delay the pain. Soon, your bills will be under control and the pain will be gone. Take it one day at a time.

    When you're lying in bed in the morning, tell yourself: I can do this. I can get up. I can go to work. It will get better.

    Tell yourself that.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You need some time and space to sort out your own issues, if he doesn't want to support you then his loss, but you deserve to be happy, try to really talk to him about it and sort it out as you obviously both love each other, he just doesn't know how to deal with your issues yet

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Talk to him about it, if he doesn't care, leave him.... Tell me how it goes after that. But really take the time and decide if you want to leave him because trust me, you might regret it because you love him so much...........Ask him this question.. "How much do you love me.''

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