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Is anyone else being prompted to log into Facebook every time they answer a question?

It is really annoying. Also what is with the ads that are appearing at the bottom of people's questions now? I hope YA remove these new additions.


I should probably make this question cricket related so BQ) Are the ECB right to limit what players can do and say on social networking sites like Facebook? Should sportsmen have their right to freedom of speech restricted?

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    Yeah im getting that annoying divert to Facebook ,YA are forcefully trying to promote them selves by highjacking a more popular site i don't want it to go to my FB page

    QB well KP got in big trouble with his comments on Twitter about Strause anyway even without this new law so it was kinda already implemented i suppose its just a reminder to not say anything stupid about another player or manager

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    Yes it has been bugging the sh*t out of me. Sometimes I have seen a box which you can uncheck and it doesn't go to face book, but it has to be done each time not just a one off that you can make remember your selection. The box is not on this question for some weird reason. Hopefully that is a sign they are stopping it, but won't hold my breath.

    No the ECB should not have that much control over the players.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    i think they removed it now :)

    BQ - I think ECB are in right to limit what cricketers say. It's not just cricketers every person who lives in England don't have freedom of speech (not sure about around the world) remember when someone got jailed for saying racial comments on Fabrice Muamba.

    Yes Networking is a great think but posting racial comments is not funny. As with Cricketers they shouldn't insult or do 'bad' things on the internet because people are looking up to them. they are inspirational to others.

  • 8 years ago

    Uncheck the box that says share as update, I believe that will stop it.

    BQ) The ECB have a brand to protect, and the players are their employees. The ECB are well within their rights to make it a part of the terms of employment.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yes! Thank God it's not just me. I was wondering if someone was trying to redirect me in order to hack me or something.

    The adds? Probably just something else they've changed. If you ask them all they'll say is that they reserve the right to alter or modify the site and they have to advertise to make money etc, etc.

    BQ. Always a controversial one this. I guess they do...to a point. Just like you, me, or anybody else would get into trouble for talking about our bosses, talking negatively about the company/organisation or otherwise bringing it into disrepute.

    Perhaps there should be freedom of speech but we live in an autocratic age. On the administrators side they should realise that bad decisions are bound to attract criticism. On the players side they should be aware that freedom should not be an excuse to behave irresponsibly, especially in regard to fellow pro's. Who knows where this stuff can lead to?

    For example the Pietersen spoof account fiasco got out of hand and made the team a laughing stock which also affected form, contributing to them losing the top spot in the rankings

  • 8 years ago

    Yes. It's p!issing me off as well.

    BQ: Fair enough for the ECB to impose constraints. They pay good money to their players and have a right to protect their brand.

  • 8 years ago

    No,i am not because I have fb logged in most of the times I work on Y!A and when I don't have it logged in,I just uncheck the FB button below the source box

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i became yet all you may desire to do is make confident the little button that pronounces share this as an replace to facebook hasnt have been given a tick in and if it does get rid of the tick and which will do

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Use google chrome and add the Adblock Plus extension.

  • Albert
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    8 years ago

    I Don't Have Account On Face Book, BUT I Have On

    Other Type F !?!? Book.

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